Monday, April 22, 2013

Canopic Jars-Bases and Organs

See "Canopic Jars for 2nd Grade" under >"Special Lessons" for project instructions.

Both sections of 2nd grade have finished the bases of their canopic jars and the organs that go with them!
Each student completed one of the four "sons of Horus" (there are 29 second graders). The organs from left to right are the second grade version of the: stomach, liver, colon & lungs. (The numbers and letters are just our code so we know which child did what.)

The first class didn't get the clay packed into the cups very well. I don't think I stressed it enough. The second class did much better though because I really stressed it and showed some of them individually.

I had an adult volunteer to help me with this project (which was wonderful!) but had I not had a volunteer, the students wouldn't have been able to complete this in 50 minutes. You really do need one person to cut the foam cup "molds" off of the cups while another person shows them how to make their organs.