Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mouse Discovers Mouse FINAL!

And she's done! She caught on to the concept of blending really well. I'm so proud :) 
Good job Evie.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

6th Grade - Best Likeness Awards

Here are 2 out of 4 "Best Likeness" awards that I gave out, along with the photo that each student was copying. 

New Record!

This made my day, folks. Thanks for checking out Teaching Art! I hope that you continue to find content here that is interesting & helpful to you.

Friday, April 26, 2013

1st Grade Portrait pt 1

This is how I would show my first graders to start putting their face together. They would have already had individual lessons on each facial feature & be acquainted with some basic facial anatomy.

To see some examples of how my first graders did on this project, go to

Canopic Jar Heads!!

Jenipher came yesterday and I showed her how we were going to do the heads. She was responsible for showing her two groups how to do Hapi and Imsety. I showed my two groups how to do Qebehsenuef and Duamutef. 
They did better than I thought they would! Jenipher was a huge help. Clay projects require a smaller student to teacher ratio (especially with younger children). 

Here are the results! 

Qebehsenuef- Hawk (holds large intestine)

Hapi- Baboon (holds lungs)

Imsety- Person (holds liver)

Duamutef- Jackal (holds stomach)

Didn't they do a good job? I'm so proud of them :) 

Speed Drawing!

Jonathan had his private lesson today. I had him speed draw from the Basic Proportions video 

We went back over some sections after
the video was over. He took about
12 minutes total. He's 10 years old and in 4th grade.

As he was drawing he kept saying, "Miss Mathews, I can't do it!" & I kept telling him, "You ARE doing it! It looks great, just keep going!" I actually took his eraser away from him because he was trying to be a perfectionist. He cracks me up.

I asked him if he would like to comment on the experience, he said: "It's hard, but
eventually you'll get it."

"Do you think it helped going faster?"
"Were you nervous?"
"Oh yeah!"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yauna Painting