Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Grade Portraits!

All semester I've been teaching my 1st through 6th grade Portrait anatomy. We had one lesson (50 min) for each part of the face then spent two lessons combining everything they'd learned into a portrait.

For 1st through 5th grade I did a directed line drawing on the board. 6th grade used a photo as a source. Especially the younger kids just thrilled me with how well they did! 

(Some lessons, like the ear, did not take all of the 50 minutes. I used the remaining time to let them "free draw" and I read Grimms' Fairytales and Anderson's Fairytales to them. I am working towards having them illustrate some of these stories with their knowledge of anatomy.) 

My step by step instructions for guiding 
1st graders through drawing these portraits are in the videos below.
I highly recommend having them practice each feature as a separate lesson. This way, when they make the portrait, they will be reviewing. Their projects will be done more quickly this way and turn out nicer. 

My 1st Grade How to Videos-



Portrait pt 1:

Portrait pt 2: Coming this weekend!