Saturday, April 13, 2013

Second Grade Simple Nativity

Clay figures, about 2" high
This is the simplified nativity scene that I came up with for my 30 second graders to do. It took 2 days in class. To sculpt them, the first day with both 2nd grade classes combined it took about an 1hr 30 min.   To glaze them the second day (about a week later) took a 50 minute class period. I fired them that night and they turned out so cute. 

I rolled little balls the night before so that they'd have the right amount of clay for each figure. I put them in gallon ziplock baggies labeled, "Mary, Joseph, manger, Baby Jesus." The manger is just a hamburger shaped piece of clay that the kids made light slash marks on with their pencil. To make a spot for baby Jesus to lay, the adults came by and pressed their thumb into the middle of the "hay." Mary and Joseph are just simple cylinders that the kids tapped on the table to make them stand. The details were all added by drawing them on with a pencil. Baby Jesus is the tiniest cylinder with details added the same way. 

The sets were wrapped in brown paper bags and given to parents as a Christmas present. 


Unknown said...

I love these! I'm sure they will be treasured for years to come.

ArtisteCommon said...

Thank you! I heard that the parents all really liked them.